Labor and Employment

With the many interesting ways employees find to get into trouble at work and the ever-changing maze of statutes and regulations, sometimes it may seem like human resources and labor compliance are nearly impossible.  With the right plan and the right team, they are possible. That’s where the McNees Labor and Employment Law team comes in.

Our Labor and Employment Law Group helps employers solve the seemingly endless array of issues that arise in the workplace by doing exactly that:  we partner with employers to address the complex web of federal and state employment statutes and regulations.  We assist in developing a proactive, comprehensive approach to compliance.  We help you craft the policies, procedures, handbooks, and training programs that will help avoid workplace issues.  But when issues do arise, we will provide advice and counsel in real time to help put out the fire.

We pride ourselves on our long-term, trusting relationships with our clients.   Our goal is to allow you and your organization to focus on your goals – growth and success – as much as you can.   We understand that sometimes all of the best intended efforts cannot prevent a government investigation or discourage an employee or former employee from filing a claim.   And when that happens, we are ready to roll out an aggressive and efficient strategy to defend you and your organization. We frequently defend our employer clients before state and federal administrative agencies and in the state and federal courts.

The Labor and Employment Law Group provides detailed, effective legal representation and counseling to employers on a broad range of matters, including: Human Resource auditing; supervisor/manager/employee training; internal and external investigations; affirmative action compliance; Family and Medical Leave Act compliance and litigation; labor negotiations, labor arbitration, and other disputes with unions (private and public); employment discrimination and harassment litigation; non-compete and other restrictive covenant litigation; occupational safety and health; wage and hour compliance and litigation; unemployment compensation; workers’ compensation; wrongful discharge; statutory and regulatory compliance; and ERISA compliance and litigation.

The Labor and Employment Law Group includes Employee Benefits and Workers’ Compensation attorneys and professionals.  Our Benefits professionals provide end-to-end services for savings, retirement, pension and welfare plans, as well as multiemployer pension plans, and our Benefits attorneys regularly assist with executive compensation plans and ERISA compliance and litigation.  Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys assist employers to develop effective injury prevention strategies, and when necessary, by defending employers when facing claims.

We all pride ourselves on putting Clients First, which means that we focus on our clients’ goals and interests above all else.  When we are considering fee structures, developing a solution to a legal problem, reviewing a new legal development, we are guided by asking and answering the very basic question: How can we help our client?

We strive to see the world through our clients’ eyes.  We learn your business.  We understand your challenges and your goals and this helps us to develop the best legal strategies. We take ownership of our relationship with you.

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