Some disputes cannot wait for the normal litigation process to play itself out. Sometimes, court action is needed within a few days, even a few hours, to prevent harm which cannot be corrected later. Once trade secrets or confidential business information is disclosed, or valuable accounts are solicited and converted by once trusted ex-employees, the damage cannot be undone. So, when union pickets are disrupting business or intellectual property such as trademarks or copyrights is being misappropriated, prompt action is essential.

McNees Wallace & Nurick recognizes that clients cannot wait for their attorneys to spend days or weeks researching issues when time is critical. We recognize that receiving at least a temporary injunction can be paramount to our clients while we work towards a more permanent injunction. That’s why the Injunction Group at McNees — an American Law Firm Association affiliate — moves promptly to be in court within a short period of time anywhere in the country.

Our Injunction Group attorneys gain experience and expertise from participation in the Group by other McNees practice groups, including Labor and Employment, Construction, Intellectual Property and Business Litigation. Training and resources are provided so that each member of the Group can assist where needed. It’s this team approach, reliance on modern technological resources and extensive experience in a variety of fields that allow us to move swiftly to pursue or defend claims which demand immediate attention.

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