Name Title Email Office Phone
Justin K. Abodalo Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5362
Alexandra Snell Ahlbrandt Associate York, PA 717.237.5380
Yangmo "Harvey" Ahn Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5272
Connie M. Alvord Real Estate Specialist Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5301
Erik R. Anderson Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5420
Jonathan D. Andrews Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5358
Lauren Anthony Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5299
Vance E. Antonacci Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3701
Gregory Archibald Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.2310
Angie Mellott Armbrust Senior Associate, McNees-Winter Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7439
John Arose Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5417
Eric N. Athey Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3708
Adeolu A. Bakare Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5290
John U. Baker Member State College, PA 814.495.8869
Caitlyn Bechta Associate Devon, PA 484.329.8039
Timothy Berkebile Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2515
Alan Betten Member Towson, MD 410.896.5508
April Billett Paralegal Lancaster, PA 717-581-3705
Harrison “Ryan” Block Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5446
Kelliann Bolash Paralegal Devon, PA 484.329.8033
Terry Bossert Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5302
Susan E. Bruce Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5254
Ivy R. Buchan President, Helix Strategies Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7432
Mark R. Calore Of Counsel Scranton, PA 570-209-7226
Kendall A. Camuti Member Frederick, MD 301.241.2017
Debra Denison Cantor Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5297
Amy Capobianco Marsar Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5415
Stephanie Carfley Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3724
Joseph Chapman Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5375
Dana W. Chilson Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5457
David J. Cho Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.898.5700
Devin J. Chwastyk, CIPP/US/E Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5482
James T. Clancy Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5369
Julia Coelho Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5240
Joshua D. Cohen Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3719
Sheri R. Collins Strategic Business Advisor, CNR Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7423
Kimberly M. Colonna Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5278
Rosa Conigliaro Paralegal Lancaster, PA 717.581.3703
Katie Conter Co-Chair, CNR Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7434
Natalie Cook Associate, McNees-Winter Harrisburg, PA 717.581.3740
Rachel J. Counts Associate Towson, MD 410.896.5522
Charles M. Courtney Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5296
Drew Crompton Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5293
Bonnie M. Daminger Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5348
Clayton W. Davidson Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5496
James P. DeAngelo Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5470
Adam DeBernardis Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5313
Diane Hughes Dobrea Member Columbus, OH 614.719.5956
Elizabeth Dougherty Of Counsel Devon, PA 484.329.8045
Lois B. Duquette Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5458
Christina Duty Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2574
Denise E. Elliott Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3713
Linda M. Eshelman Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5210
David J. Evenhuis Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5421
David Feidt Co-Chair, MASS Harrisburg, PA 717.514.8632
Nicole Y. Fiamingo Director of Legal Project Management & Information Center Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5448
Timothy M. Finnerty Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5394
Sandy Garfinkel Member Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2506
Christopher A. Gazzio Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.2319
Helen L. Gemmill Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5273
Stephen C. Gierasch Member Harrisburg, PA 717.780.7828
Ross A. Giorgianni Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2522
Abbegael Giunta Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5325
Jack R. Gombach Grassroots & Political Consultant-CNR Harrisburg, PA 484.649.1931
Ryan Gonder Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5340
Scott A. Gould Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5304
Matthew K. Graham Associate Frederick, MD 301.241.2012
Rick M. Grams Member Towson, MD 410.896.5512
Brian Gregg Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5456
Kristen Grendzinski Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5234
Thomas Gulick Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5281
Benjamin A. Haverstick Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3715
Kraig Haverstick Patent Agent Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5255
Susan F. Heberlig Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5206
J. Paul Helvy Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5343
Schaun Henry Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5346
Meaghan Hill Of Counsel Lancaster, PA 717.581.2313
Mark A. Hipple Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5367
Matthew L. Hoke Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5330
Brian Honness Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.3726
Timothy J. Horstmann Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5462
Garth Hoyt Member Devon, PA 484.329.8044
Lauren Huff Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5204
Austin D. Hughey Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5349
Kandice K. Hull Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5452
Casey Hunt Associate Devon, PA 717.237.5202
Sarah Hyser-Staub Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5473
Brian F. Jackson Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5467
Charles T. Jones III Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5279
Kelley E. Kaufman Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5248
Nicole Stezar Kaylor Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5416
Jessica Kemmerer Grassroots & Political Consultant-CNR Harrisburg, PA 717-857-7433
Brigid Landy Khuri Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5319
Rebecca Kimmel Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5426
Michael D. Klein Member Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2552
Christopher J. Knarr AICP Specialist Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5262
Adam Koelsch Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5305
Rochelle R. Koerbel Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2546
Amanda Kraft Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2544
Donna L. Kreiser Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3723
James W. Kutz Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5441
Michael E. Lamb Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2575
Mary J. Lanni Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5398
Frank J. Lavery III Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5408
Shawn K. Leppo Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5218
David A. Levine Member Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2501
Andrew L. Levy Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5252
L. Renée Lieux Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5484
Adam R. Long Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5209
David S. Mabry Specialist Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5334
Kim Manuelides Member Towson, MD 410.896.5514
David M. Marcus Of Counsel Columbus, OH 614.719.2856
Teresa C. Marino Of Counsel Lancaster, PA 717.237.5471
Christina Marshall Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5232
Robert J. McAvoy Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5323
Giuseppina G. McCarthy Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5360
Errin T. McCaulley Jr. Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5366
Jeffrey Esch McCombie Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5310
Shannon McCurdy Director of Professional Development Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5271
Kendra D. McGuire Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3734
Donald J. McKay Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2504
Christopher L. Merrill Member Towson, MD 410.896.5515
Jakob C. Metz Associate Towson, MD 410.896.5516
Lisa Miller Pa.C.P. Paralegal Lancaster, PA 7175813706
Kate W. Millikan Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5436
Charis Mincavage Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5437
Meera R. Modi Member Harrisburg, PA 717.780.7886
Paul R. Morcom Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5364
Taylor Mosley Law Clerk Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5332
Elizabeth P. Mullaugh Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5243
Andrew F. Murphy Of Counsel Frederick, MD 301.241.2013
Michael G. Musser II Co-Chair, CNR (Co-Chair, MSSG) Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7430
Ashley Nichols Weber Of Counsel Lancaster, PA 717.581.3738
Sharon R. Paxton Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5393
Phil Petrina Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5497
Deepa Pillai Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5495
Cara Mia Pinto Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2526
Jordan Nittinger Polce Associate Frederick, MD 301.732.4454
Conner Porterfield Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.714.6380
Matthew R. Pritchard Member Columbus, OH 614.719.2842
Daniel W. Quasney Member Towson, MD 410.896.5517
Langdon T. Ramsburg Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5402
J. Corey Reeder Member State College, PA 814.495.8870
Nate Regotti Lobbyist and Government Affairs Specialist, CNR Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2516
Frannie Reilly Member Devon, PA 484.329.8036
Sara Reohr Chief Financial Officer Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5250
Paul D. Rose Member Frederick, MD 301.241.2011
Derek P. Roussillon Member Frederick, MD 301.241.2015
Rachel Rowe Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5419
Jonathan H. Rudd Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5405
Andrew S. Rusniak Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3704
Adam L. Santucci Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5388
Micah T. Saul Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3736
Edwin A.D. Schwartz Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5201
Anne Seltzer Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5291
Claudia N. Shank Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3730
Krysa Sites Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5322
Ursula Siverling Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5413
Elizabeth Smith Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5404
Terry Snyder Pa.C.P. Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5379
Alicia M. Stanley Development Manager, Helix Strategies Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7425
Kenneth R. Stark Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5378
Briana Hallett Stiff Director of Business Development Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5444
James M. Strong Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5200
Kevin Sunday Policy Advisor Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7428
Bill Thomas Co-Chair, MASS Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7435
Jill M. Tierney Pa.C.P. Paralegal Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2500
Meagan Truong Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2508
Allen C. Tucci Member Devon, PA 484.329.8046 (office) 215.913.2782 (mobile)
Jenna R. Wagner Chief Practice Officer Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5260
Kimberly J. Wakefield Senior Director of People & Development Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5309
Avery L. Walke Associate Columbus, OH 614.719.2855
Bradley A. Walker Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5282
Benjamin Ward Associate Devon, PA 484.329.8037
Rhonda M. Weaver Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5434
Kimberly Weibley Employee Benefits Specialist Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5228
Ilan Z. Weinberger Of Counsel Frederick, MD 301.732.4274
Robert A. Weishaar Jr. Member Frederick, MD 202.409.4170
Joseph S. Welty Of Counsel Frederick, MD 301.241.2018
Courtney M. Wentzel Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5213
Peter Wertz Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.2314
Erica M. Wible Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.3732
Jennifer E. Will Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5418
Charles Willoughby Senior Government Relations Advisor Columbus, OH 330.904.2001
Austin W. Wolfe Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5455
Christian M. Wolgemuth Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5371
Benjamin R. Wright Of Counsel Devon, PA 484.329.8041
Zachary Wyatte Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5328
Denise Zaiac Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5308
Anne E. Zerbe Member York, PA 717.714.6370

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