Name Title Email Office Phone
Mark R. Calore Of Counsel Scranton, PA 570-209-7226
Kendall A. Camuti Member Frederick, MD 301.241.2017
Debra Denison Cantor Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5297
Amy Capobianco Marsar Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5415
Stephanie Carfley Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3724
Joseph Chapman Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5375
Dana W. Chilson Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5457
David J. Cho Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.898.5700
Devin J. Chwastyk, CIPP/US/E Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5482
James T. Clancy Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5369
Julia Coelho Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5240
Joshua D. Cohen Member Lancaster, PA 717.581.3719
Sheri R. Collins Strategic Business Advisor, CNR Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7423
Kimberly M. Colonna Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5278
Rosa Conigliaro Paralegal Lancaster, PA 717.581.3703
Katie Conter Co-Chair, CNR Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7434
Natalie Cook Associate, McNees-Winter Harrisburg, PA 717.581.3740
Rachel J. Counts Associate Towson, MD 410.896.5522
Charles M. Courtney Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5296
Drew Crompton Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5293

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