Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights

The attorneys at McNees Wallace & Nurick assist creditors in all phases of workouts and bankruptcy cases throughout the United States.

We routinely represent creditors in the following areas:

  1. Preference Defense
  2. Fraudulent Transfer Defense
  3. Replevin Actions
  4. Confessions of Judgment
  5. Garnishment Actions
  6. Commercial Foreclosures
  7. Receivership Cases
  8. Secured Transactions – Article 9 of the UCC

Litigation Matters
McNees has vast experience in defending creditors against preference and fraudulent transfer actions. We also appear regularly before bankruptcy courts to obtain relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy so that our clients can continue to pursue and protect their rights. Our replevin practice reaches all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

Workouts and Creditors’ Rights Representation
Our bankruptcy related experience transfers into financial workouts and other creditors’ rights issues. We represent borrowers, landlords, lenders, tenants and other parties-in-interest in assignments for the benefit of creditors, foreclosure actions, and private and public sales under the Uniform Commercial Code. We also represent borrowers, lenders, suppliers and additional interested third parties in negotiating alternatives to bankruptcy or other traditional, yet often less flexible, resolutions.

In addition to taking commercial litigation matters to judgment, we pursue the perfection and collection of those judgments. In doing so, we employ our bankruptcy experience to maximize our client’s recovery and minimize the risk of loss due to the judgment debtor’s insolvency. We use our experience with the myriad of bankruptcy issues to help achieve positive results in negotiating or renegotiating agreements, contracts, leases, loans and settlements.

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