White Collar Defense Law & Internal Investigations

The McNees White Collar Defense Law Group has a long history and experience litigating both federal and state criminal cases. Our attorneys know when it is in the best interest of our clients to negotiate resolution or settlements, but we will also vigorously defend our clients in court. Because clients often face legal challenges on multiple fronts – criminal, regulatory, and civil (sometimes simultaneously), having the ability to navigate licensing boards and other regulatory bodies in parallel investigations, and the civil complainant, is an added benefit.

When a single matter evolves into multiple actions (criminal, civil and regulatory), McNees White Collar Defense Law & Investigations attorneys have the skills, resources and experience to handle the full range of challenges. While we have successfully resolved matters without prosecution, litigation or publicity, our group includes seasoned trial lawyers who will not hesitate to take a case to trial.

McNees is a full service firm; therefore, we have the ability to represent clients in many industries facing many legal challenges:

  • Bank fraud
  • Compliance and internal-controls reviews and audits
  • Computer and intellectual property crimes
  • Corruption and ethics
  • Customs and duty compliance
  • Dealership law
  • Elections fraud
  • Environmental law
  • Environmental violations and compliance
  • Federal and state tax offenses
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Internal investigations
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Tri-Care fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Professional licensing and defense of license holders
  • Privacy and cybersecurity
  • Procurement fraud
  • Regulatory defense
  • Representation in government investigations
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax preparer fraud
  • Transportation
  • U.S. False Claims Act
  • U.S. federal and state trials
  • U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & U.K. Bribery Act
  • Victim representation including pursuit of claims damages and to recover insurance
  • Wire, mail, insurance and securities fraud


As reflected in the list of represented matters below, our experienced White Collar Defense Law attorneys are prepared to represent clients on a wide range of issues.

  • Led an internal investigation related to potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) by a global healthcare company.
  • Served as independent counsel to the audit committee of a publicly traded healthcare company to investigate potential overbillings of government agencies and related FCPA liabilities.
  • Served as lead counsel for a group of physicians’ offices in a federal criminal investigation involving identity theft and income tax fraud.
  • Represented a chain of nursing home and rehabilitation centers in an FCPA mediation with Department of Justice, Health and Human Services and Office of Inspector General.
  • Represented a medical device company in an FCPA case and won dismissal of a repeat qui tam relator’s (whistle blower) case because of the FCPA government action rule.
  • Conducted an internal investigation regarding the FCPA and pricing practices for a newly acquired medical device company.
  • Represented a medical device company in defending an FCPA and parallel criminal Anti-Kickback Statue (AKS) and related fraud investigation into sales and marketing activities, as well as relationships with physicians and medical facilities.
  • Conducted an internal investigation regarding the FCPA and AKS for a medical device and diagnostics company.
  • Conducted internal investigations on behalf of our governmental and private sector clients.   Helped them avoid later criminal repercussions or mitigated the consequences.
  • Represented at trial a well-regarded criminal defense lawyer resulting in a no liability verdict.
  • Represented targeted partner of chemical supply company in federal investigation into allegations of misrepresenting country of origin in order to avoid higher duty, resulting in no prosecution of the partner.
  • Led an internal investigation of a large medical services provider concerning allegations of improper Medicare billing and conducted most employee.
  • Assisted and advised car dealers and other consumer facing businesses in responding to and defending Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General administrative subpoenas.
  • Defended car dealers and other consumer industry businesses against civil complaints filed by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.
  • Defended car dealers in criminal matters specific to dealer activities.
  • Counseled and defended multiple professionally licensed individuals and businesses (accountants, architects, engineers, nurses, pharmacists, vehicle dealers, vehicle salespersons, etc.) under investigation by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, from initial investigation through trial.
  • Counseled and defended individuals and businesses in administrative compliance matters with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.
  • Represented durable medical supply company in federal health care fraud proceeding.
  • Represented at trial owner/manager of medical practice under federal health care fraud indictment.
  • Represented at trial owner of title insurance agency under federal bank fraud indictment.
  • Represented at trial owner of title insurance agency under State of Ohio racketeering and bank fraud indictment.
  • Represented co-owner of title insurance agency resulting in prosecutor’s dismissal of multi-count State indictment.

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