Name Title Email Office Phone
Kiandra D. Bair Associate Lancaster, PA 717.581.2316
Adeolu A. Bakare Member-Elect Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5290
John U. Baker Member State College, PA 814.495.8869
Salvatore J. Bauccio Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5238
Beth Bell, Pa.C.P. Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5266
Joseph G. Bowser Specialist Columbus, OH 614.719.2852
Alan R. Boynton Jr. Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5352
Josephine M. Brinley Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5277
Guy Brooks Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5384
Susan E. Bruce Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5254
Kathleen Duffy Bruder Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5318

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