Name Title Email Office Phone
Adeolu A. Bakare Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5290
John U. Baker Member State College, PA 814.495.8869
Timothy Berkebile Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2515
April Billett Paralegal Lancaster, PA 717-581-3705
Robert J. Blumling Of Counsel Pittsburgh, PA 412.227.2513
William C. Boak Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5318
Kelliann Bolash Paralegal Devon, PA 484.329.8033
Terry Bossert Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5302
Alan R. Boynton Jr. Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5352
Susan E. Bruce Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5254
Ivy R. Buchan President, Helix Strategies Harrisburg, PA 717.857.7432
David Burnett Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5443
Jack Byrnes Associate Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5356

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