Name Title Email Office Phone
Helen L. Gemmill Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5273
Stephen C. Gierasch Member Harrisburg, PA 717.780.7828
Abbegael Giunta Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5325
Rebekah Glover Of Counsel Columbus, OH 614.719.2855
Jack R. Gombach Grassroots & Political Consultant-CNR Harrisburg, PA 484.649.1931
Ryan Gonder Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5340
Scott A. Gould Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5304
Brian Gregg Member Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5456
Kristen Grendzinski Paralegal Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5234
Thomas Gulick Of Counsel Harrisburg, PA 717.237.5281

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