Esports, or competitive video gaming, is the successful outgrowth of the video game industry and has become a on par with “traditional” sports, featuring an official network of professional gamers, gaming tournaments and leagues. As esports continues to experience booming growth, the number and complexity of legal issues will increase, as will the need for reliable legal representation.

The blend of experience at McNees, a full-service law firm, enables the firm to comprehensively advise clients on many issues that arise within esports. Our collaborative team of cross-practice attorneys leverages its collective experience in public finance, labor and employment, trademark, intellectual property, commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, data protection and gaming law to provide our clients with focused problem solving and specialized attention. Our firm’s size, ability to cross-serve and established connections with esports industry coalitions and leaders help our clients achieve their goals, navigate challenges and proactively identify opportunities as the esports industry continues to expand.

Our experience enables us to routinely advise clients on issues such as:

• Intellectual property protection including licensing, copyrights, trademark registration, and patents

• Esports Gambling

• Advertising, promotions and sponsorships

• Labor, Employment, & Fair Labor Standards Act

• Merchandise manufacturing and agreements

• Acquisition of sports properties

• Public financing and zoning compliance for esports facilities

• Compliance with FTC endorsement guidelines

• Communications, media rights, and broadcasting

• E-commerce and internet law

• Compliance with international privacy and data security regulations and data breach response

• International Business Transactions

The world of sports is on the brink of major changes and esports and gambling are going to be drivers of those changes. McNees is the go-to firm for esports and is prepared to support your needs in this unique and exciting industry.