Materials Patents

Materials science is an expanding and dynamic field covering wide-ranging and diverse technological disciplines. Brilliant scientists and engineers invent the future on a daily basis through incredible innovations, forming and designing new materials and inventing exciting new uses for existing materials.

Our team of patent law practitioners has extensive experience in this area. We assist inventors, investors, executives, and in-house counsel in developing, managing, and profiting from materials innovations. We advise our clients with regard to the specific considerations for many technologies, including metals, alloys, composites, polymers, ceramics, and coating systems. In addition, our team addresses the difficult legal issues specific to materials intellectual property protection, including claiming compositions of matter, such as alloy compositions, polymeric materials, and more; materials technology searching, targeting analogous and non-analogous art distinctions; maximizing examples in patent specification drafting; and resolving trademarking and branding issues for materials. Our dedicated team is an excellent resource for these materials-specific issues and can provide guidance in navigating this difficult and complicated field.

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