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The McNees Strategic Solutions Group is a full-service government affairs, grassroots advocacy and non-profit consulting group. Our diverse team of lobbyists, government relations specialists, grassroots professionals and non-profit experts have the experience and relationships necessary to deliver results for public sector, private sector, and non-profit clients alike. The McNees team includes nineteen professionals, and many of our team members served in high level executive positions for former Pennsylvania governors, state legislators, and county and local elected officials. Together, we understand the inner workings of each level of government and have the unique and direct perspective of how the various levels and branches of government work together.

Our philosophy for effective and sustainable government affairs and political consulting is built on the principles of honesty, openness and integrity. Our reputation is unmatched in Pennsylvania, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the strength of our character. Located in the Commonwealth’s Capital City, the attorneys and policy professionals in the McNees Strategic Solutions Group understand Pennsylvania politics, have the experience to navigate the complexities of public affairs, and have cultivated relationships within state and local governments to help corporations, associations, institutions and individuals advocate for issues, policies or regulations that affect them.

Our Group understands the different needs of each of our clients and the issues that are important to them. Few government affairs firms can provide the range of services and commitment to delivering effective results that the McNees Strategic Solutions Group offers.

State Lobbying:
Our team of state lobbyists is second to none in Harrisburg when it comes to experience and expertise. We understand that successful and effective lobbying isn’t just about showing up in the 11th hour and asking for help, but it is instead about building relationships and taking the time to truly understand and educate the decision makers in the State Capitol. We have spent a lifetime building those relationships, and we have the expertise and tenacity to make sure our clients are positioned at the front of the line and at the appropriate time before the legislature takes action.

County & Local Government Relations:
On a daily basis, decisions are made across Pennsylvania in county and local government meetings that have lasting effects on private sector entities. Our team focuses on ensuring that our clients have a seat at the table with those local officials when they make decisions. Whether it is a key contract to provide services to the municipality or a pivotal decision on an economic development project, our team will have you in the same room with the decision makers to ensure your voice is heard before they make those key votes.

Grassroots Advocacy:
When an elected official is in session on an official meeting, there is constant activity with people advocating for their specific issue. Whether it be in Harrisburg, Washington DC, or at a local Township Supervisors meeting, elected officials listen to everyone state their case, but without continual emphasis, the issue may become less of a priority. However, with an effective grassroots plan, we can ensure that no matter where that elected official goes, someone is talking to them about the same issue. Mobilizing key constituencies, from local leaders to political allies to donors to regular voters, to make your case on a non-stop basis will ensure that the elected officials cannot ignore your issue when it is time to cast their votes.

Non-Profit Consulting:
Whether it is cultivating new board members, building a fundraising plan, or developing a strategic long-term plan for the organization, many non-profits face the same challenge of not having enough hours in the day to get it all done. With decades of non-profit experience, we can take your organization to the next level and allow the existing staff and leadership to breathe a sigh of relief. Our clients range from multi-million dollar household names to very local community organizations; however, regardless of size or notoriety, we are able to tailor our services to your needs and provide the needed guidance to make sure the good work of any non-profit can continue for years to come.

Through our extensive experience, network of relationships and growing team of quality government relations professionals, the McNees Strategic Solutions Group delivers the results our clients expect. Our positive reputation in communities across the Commonwealth helps us to build sustainable relationships that are critical in today’s business environment. And through the strength of our character, our open communication and our commitment to our clients, we work each day to deliver effective results and consistent success.

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