Government Relations

When business thrives, government prospers. Therefore, elected legislative and executive leaders and their staffs have a genuine interest in knowing their constituent businesses and understanding what those businesses need in order to succeed.

All levels and branches of government have laws and regulations that affect how businesses may operate and grow. McNees Wallace & Nurick established its Government Relations Group to facilitate our clients’ interactions with local, state, and federal government agencies and legislatures. Group members have significant experience working in and with government, and their established relationships and knowledge of government operations can help clients develop effective strategies for government interfaces. The firm’s established reputation in Pennsylvania’s capital region and our network of relationships allow our government relations professionals to offer clients a unique level of government access. Our government relations professionals bring their relationships formed from experiences serving as senior staff to a governor, working with all state agencies and legislative leadership and staff,  and serving as appointees of various elected officials to boards and commissions.  Their knowledge helps our clients understand the complicated web of government; their contacts in government help assure our clients a voice in the enactment of policies, rules, and laws that affect Pennsylvania businesses.

A successful government relations strategy requires an extensive network of contacts not only inside government, but sometimes also in the private sector. Our extensive public and private networks help ensure that our clients are included in discussions both inside and outside the government regarding policy, regulatory, or legislative efforts that will affect their businesses. Our government relations professionals understand what relationships are critical for our clients, what strategies best serve their goals, and how to achieve the best possible results for them.

Our government relations experience spans a broad range of services, including:

  • Developing strategies to educate government leaders on pending or proposed legislation that affects our clients;
  • Lobbying about legislative, regulatory, and administrative policies, so that our clients can plan for the future of their businesses as confidently as possible;
  • Navigating government programs in order to help clients obtain economic development support necessary for their businesses to grow or relocate; and
  • Interacting with government agencies and contacts to facilitate efficient processing of permits, applications, and other documents necessary for a client’s project deadlines.

McNees Wallace & Nurick supports its “Clients First” mission by applying a team approach to representing its clients. This team philosophy allows the Government Relations Group to coordinate seamlessly with other groups in the firm to provide our clients with comprehensive and efficient service for every aspect of their business operations. From formulating a complex government relations and communication strategy to providing advice that reflects our extensive experience, our government relations professionals use their unique network of contacts, insider knowledge, and qualifications to enhance our clients’ success.

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