David Feidt

Co-Chair, MASS


David’s network across Pennsylvania is both extensive and diverse. With nearly a decade of political experience under his belt, he has built relationships with elected officials, political party leaders, and business owners across the state.

David’s primary area of practice is grassroots advocacy where he has extensive experience directing issue campaigns for almost 10 years. While many government relations professionals focus on state and federal lobbying, David has perfected the art of mobilizing community and political leaders to push for or against an issue or piece of legislation. He embraces the idea that while an elected official can easily go home to his district and forget about the lobbyists, it’s much more difficult to ignore his donors and neighbors and leaders in community if they continue to advocate the same message.

He has led grassroots advocacy campaigns at all levels of government. From rallying a community in support of a new development or zoning change to mobilizing people across the state in opposition to controversial federal legislation, he has the ability and experience to execute a successful effort no matter what level of government the client may be dealing with.

Since joining CNR in 2010, he has continued to remain active in republican politics. During the 2012 Presidential Election, he coordinated the ballot access process for Mitt Romney and went on to serve as the Statewide Political Director for the republican nominee throughout the general election. Since then, he continues to remain actively engaged in political campaigns of all kinds but with specific focus on county and local level officials.

A licensed attorney, David’s dedication to detail and tireless work ethic enables him to deliver high quality results for clients in the public, private, and political sectors. He has served as the Chairman of the Dauphin County Republican Party since 2016 and currently serves as the Assistant-Treasurer of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. He lives in Hershey with his wife Amy.


Elizabethtown College, B.A., 2005

Widener University School of Law, J.D., 2009

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