Cyber Liability Has Changed: Impacts to Your Strategy & Budget

October 27, 2022

New regulations and requirements from insurance carriers are making it difficult, if not impossible for companies to secure cyber liability coverage and those with coverage today are often facing significant cost increases. Include the new privacy and security laws and this process can be challenging and costly to manage. Our industry experts will provide real world guidance to navigate this ever-changing terrain.

EHD Insurance, joined by McNees Wallace & Nurick and Mission Cyber Group, will lead a conversation with insights into the cyber liability landscape, best practices, and recommendations

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • Why the cyber landscape has changed & where it is headed.
  • How upcoming and recent cyber regulations may affect your business and ability to obtain cyber liability insurance.
  • How and which privacy law best practices to implement for risk mitigation.
  • Why your premiums may have increased and what to expect in the renewal process.
  • What IT controls underwriters are requiring at minimum and how to go above and beyond.
  • How to supplement your current MSP/IT service provider with industry best practices to address stricter regulations

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