Coronavirus Preparedness in the Workplace – Webinar

March 12, 2020

This webinar will provide an Employer’s Guide to Managing the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the workplace. As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread  in the US and globally, employers are faced with a variety of both practical and legal challenges in the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, National Labor Relations Act and a host of other legal and practical issues must be considered as employers seek to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and make appropriate business continuity plans. This webinar will focus on key areas of employment law compliance relating to Coronavirus preparedness. The topics addressed will include work-related travel requirements and restrictions, managing employee absences, prohibiting workers with flu symptoms from coming into the workplace, telecommuting, and flexible leave programs.

Date:  March 11, 2020
3:00 – 4:00 pm (EST)


Date: March 12, 2020
12:00 – 1:00 pm (EST)

Cost:  $25 – current McNees clients and government employees / $49 – all others

Space is Limited for this Webinar.
Registrations for March 11 can be done online by clicking here.

Registrations for March 12 can be done online by clicking here.


Andrew L. Levy

Ursula Siverling

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