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Latrobe, PA: From Green Bottles to Green Charging Stations

January 19, 2022

Latrobe. As a kid growing up in Western PA, it has always meant Steelers’ preseason football camp. In my 20s, “33” and Rolling Rock’s green pony bottles – “from the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe” – stole the limelight. Although the Steelers are still in Latrobe, Anheuser-Busch moved production of the classic pale ale in green bottles to New Jersey years ago. But it seems as if “green” might again be the second color of Latrobe.

Last month, the Latrobe City Council approved an amendment to the Latrobe Zoning Ordinance that establishes criteria for electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). As an accessory use, EVCS are permitted “and encouraged” in all zoning districts. Rapid charging stations, however, were looked at as being similar to gas stations and are permitted only in commercial and industrial zoning districts. A rapid charging station is an EVCS with voltage greater than 240. In addition to locational differences, rapid charging EVCS will need to comply with the same zoning requirements as gas stations.

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