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Grab Your Umbrella – Here Comes the Rain (Tax)

June 1, 2021

If you attend municipal meetings regularly (like yours truly), you know that stormwater management is a frequent topic of discussion and debate. Simply put, stormwater is the precipitation which flows off impervious surfaces during a weather event rather than infiltrating into the ground. Naturally, development of any type changes stormwater infiltration and runoff patterns. In today’s world, even small construction projects require civil engineers to develop plans for how stormwater runoff will be managed. As a component of land development, detention basins, pipes, swales, rain gardens, and other stormwater best management practices (commonly referred to as “BMPs”) are implemented to divert, control and manage stormwater. Plans for these facilities are carefully reviewed by municipal engineers, and in many cases, by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”), to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

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Claudia N. Shank

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