Franchising Your Business – Webinar

June 21, 2017

Michael Doctrow and Brian Gregg presented a webinar on June 21, 2017 on the pros and cons of franchising your business and the legal requirements and alternatives to franchising.

Franchising provides an attractive platform for rapidly growing your business footprint without needing all of the capital to do it yourself.  A successful franchise requires a proven, reproducible, system and a staff that can focus on sales, consistency, and branding.

All of this can be a recipe for success, but franchising is highly regulated at both the state and federal level and franchisors must make sure that they have proper disclosure documents and have cleared all of the regulatory hurdles before offering a franchise opportunity to a prospect.

This webinar discusses the business considerations one should make before franchising, how a franchise is defined, the framework of state and federal laws that apply to franchises, how to select and protect trademarks, key terms of a franchise agreement and some alternatives to franchising.

view the recorded webinar here