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Bond Issue Fundamentals: A Guide to the Participants and the Process

January 24, 2024

A bond issue (a debt obligation of a local government) is often perceived as a mystery for many Pennsylvania local government officials and solicitors. The securities and tax regulations governing municipal bonds have grown increasingly complex in recent years further adding to the challenge of understanding the path toward a successful bond issuance.

In this guide, McNees’ experienced bond counsel lawyers break down the fundamentals including the key players and steps involved to empower stakeholders to navigate this financial undertaking with confidence.

Read the full white paper here.

McNees’ Public Finance and Government Services team is available to provide comprehensive legal advice and answer questions on navigating Pennsylvania’s bond market. Our attorneys regularly serve as bond counsel for a wide range of clients including Pennsylvania counties, cities, boroughs, townships, school districts and authorities as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations including healthcare and higher education institutions. We also represent borrowers, underwriters, banks, trust companies and other financial institutions in financings. McNees is listed in the “Municipal Bond Attorneys” section of the most recent edition of The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace.