Alternatives to Tax-Exempt Advance Refundings

May 11, 2022
Speaking Engagements, Webinars

Frannie Reilly and Tim Horstmann will present a webinar on Alternatives to Tax-Exempt Advance Refundings on May 11, 2022.

In this webinar, we explore some of the alternatives that issuers have applied to achieve the same or similar benefits that would be achieved with a traditional tax-exempt advance refunding. First, we discuss the use of “forward delivery” bonds, where the bonds are sold, but not delivered to investors until a much later date in the future; second, we consider so-called “Cinderella” bonds, which are issued taxable but later convert to tax-exempt; and finally, “tenders and exchanges,” where issuers, often in conjunction with a current issuance, make an offer to investors to acquire their outstanding bonds, either for purchase or exchange.

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