Recent Developments in Assessment Law in Pennsylvania

June 21, 2015
Events, Seminars

Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Bert Goodman will be course planner and Randy Varner will be presenting for the PBI’s seminar entitled Recent Developments in Assessment Law in Pennsylvania. This seminar will take place on June 21, July 12 and July 18 throughout the state.

In this course, you will be updated on all the latest in assessment law.

  • Find out the effects of the new Consolidated County Assessment Law and how it lessens the differences among assessment laws in many Pennsylvania counties.
  • Learn how the most recent exemption cases have been decided – what has been granted and what has been denied.
  • Get tips on how to value property based on the most recent case law.
  • Understand why Tech One is such an important case and what its current status is on appeal.
  • Be updated on the increasingly significant Clean & Green issues.
  • Get the inside scoop on which Pennsylvania counties will soon be undergoing countywide reassessment and/or revaluation. For more information about this event, visit the event page here.


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