Manufacturers’ Education Council Seminar

September 25, 2018
Speaking Engagements

Pamela Polacek and Matthew Pritchard, as well as specialist Kevin Murray, are slated to present at the Northern Ohio & Western Pennsylvania Energy Management Institute in Akron, Ohio on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Pamela will take part in a session offering insight on significant Pennsylvania regulatory and legislative developments, including the potential “nuclear bailout”, alternative ratemaking initiatives and the PUC’s Combined Heat and Power policy statement.

In a separate session, Matthew and Sonny Fanelli of FirstEnergy Corp. will discuss significant FirstEnergy Ohio rate components, appeals of FirstEnergy’s energy efficiency and electric security plans, impacts from reduction in federal corporate income tax, and impact of FirstEnergy Solutions’ pending bankruptcy on utility rates.

Kevin and Lou D’Alessandris of FirstEnergy Corp. will provide an advanced session on PJM’s response to FERC’s resilience proceedings, changes to energy price formation and the latest PJM effort to address fuel security issues as part of PJM’s capacity market.

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