Don’t Be the Next Hashtag: Managing Customer Discrimination Claims in the Age of the Viral Video

June 25, 2020
Events, Webinars

#HallwayHillary, #CouponCarl, and #GolfCartGail: the hashtags are sealed in the annals of Twitter. Once a viral video of an employee‘s negative interaction with a customer hits the internet, the impact on a business can be immeasurable and irrevocable.

Webinar attendees will learn about the types of claims instituted by customers involving alleged discrimination in the retail and service industries and understand what, if any, insurance coverage is available to defend those claims. This webinar will also provide recommendations for handling the reputational impact of the viral video that may accompany such customer encounters and for training employees to proactively avoid these problematic encounters.

Date:  June 25, 2020
Time:  12:00 – 12:45 pm (EST)

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