Oh S***, How Did This Happen?

October 24, 2017
Speaking Engagements

Chistopher Knarr will be presenting Oh S***, How Did This Happen? at the American Planning Association – PA Chapter on October 24, 2017 from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm in State College, PA.

Course Overview
For many professional planners and their communities, a development project that represents positive, transformative change comes once in a lifetime. But what happens when residents don’t view the project or change with the same enthusiasm for civic good. Petitions, protests, packed public meetings, social media, expert reports, court orders and the like often catch planners flat-footed. How can planners provide objective analysis and consensus-building when the public handcuffs their professional role? Join in a roundtable discussion that focuses on three transformative but controversial projects that stressed the fiber of their respective communities.

Other Presenters:
ANDREW SCHWARTZ, Environmental Planning & Design, LLC
KIRK STONER, Cumberland County Planning Department

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