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Top 5 Ways to Encourage Controlled and Collaborative Development: Providing for Clearly Defined Processes (Part II of V)

March 16, 2023

With football season behind us, March arrives with bracket talk and the discussion of college basketball teams you have never heard of. Some of us spend hours researching or contacting that old college buddy to help fill our brackets, while others choose teams based on names or colors. No matter your strategy, March Madness and the brackets are here!

Anyone can fill out a bracket, and literally anyone can win a bracket pool no matter their knowledge base, which is what makes March Madness so much fun. This only works because the process and the rules are specific, definite, and predictable (not by which team wins but how the bracket game is played). While zoning ordinances are not nearly as exciting as March Madness, we can build off the success of the brackets in March Madness.

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