The Challenges of Representing a Client with Diminished Capacity

April 16, 2018
Speaking Engagements

McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC Attorney Kendra D. McGuire will be participating in the seminar “The Challenges of Representing a Client with Diminished Capacity” on April 16, 2018 at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in Mechanicsburg, Pa. Joining her will be Dr. Claire Flaherty of Penn State Hershey Medical Center, as well as Jennifer D. Gayle and Karl L. Prior, both of Mannion Prior LLP. The seminar will focus on ethical dilemmas and questions regarding capacity occur in all practice areas – not just estate law. The faculty will discuss the conditions that affect mental capacity and the levels of capacity required to execute various documents and engage in different transactions.


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Kendra D. McGuire

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